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AgSolver integrates Precision Business Planning tools with the agX Platform

AgSolver integrates the Profit Zone Manager™ technology with the agX platform. The agX Platform is the agricultural leader in providing geospatial infrastructure for a community of precision agriculture products and services.

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Visit AgSolver at The InfoAg Conference

Come see the AgSolver team at The InfoAg Conference in St. Louis, MO, on August 2-4, 2016. The InfoAg Conference is the premier event in precision agriculture with ideas and information being presented about the industry from all corners of the United States.

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AgSolver is deploying products for agribusiness decision makers that combine data management and simulation to increase profits, improve investment returns, and simplify mandated certification workflows.

Turning data into decisions for agriculture

AgSolver agronomic decision service products help increase profits by improving land management decisions, simplifying mandatory compliance and reporting activities, and maximizing returns for agricultural land investments. AgSolver’s technology uses readily available precision agriculture data including yield maps, soil sample data, and fertilizer application data, in combination with simulation tools to guide better management decisions. The technology uses these datasets with some simple inputs about the management practices for an operation to provide valuable insights at a high resolution 30 ft scale such as: profit projections for a field over 50 years of actual climate conditions, 10 – 30 year projections of key soil productivity metrics including organic matter and erosion scale, and nitrogen use efficiency.

AgSolver’s technology also leverages available precision agriculture data to help investors determine how to maximize return on their agricultural land through innovative management practices and lease product designs. The coupled data management and simulation technology also supports high resolution conservation planning. By integrating this technology with a secure cloud computing framework AgSolver’s applications can provide these improved decisions within minutes.

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